Aero Titans Boeing and Airbus: Who Will Seize the Day?


The venerable 105-year-old Boeing Company has been locked in competition with 21-year-old Airbus SE, which was born from the culmination of various historic European aircraft manufacturers who consolidated after the Second World War and with about 25% of its stock held by the governments of France, Germany and Spain. The… Read More »

The Russia-Ukraine Conflict: European Banks Can Manage The Economic Spillovers, For Now


European banks can manage the economic spillovers from the Russia-Ukraine conflict under our base case that envisages business disruptions in certain corporate sectors and reduced but still positive economic growth in 2022. It’s undoubtedly a trickier and more uncertain macroeconomic environment than we had envisaged at the start of 2022,… Read More »

Oil Prices and Growth: Is This Time Different?


Global growth expectations have dropped with the spike in oil prices, which have historically often been associated with surges in inflation, reductions in real income, and eventually recessions (Exhibit 1).     However, the relationship between oil prices and growth has changed for two major reasons. On the one hand,… Read More »

Sovereign Debt 2022: Ukraine Conflict Could Push Developed EMEA’s Commercial Borrowing Higher Than $1.6 Trillion


Key Takeaways We project that European developed sovereigns will borrow about $1.6 trillion in gross long-term commercial paper in 2022, down $263 billion from 2021. This does not include the increase in borrowing we expect to cover higher spending on energy subsidies, and on defense and refugee assistance in connection… Read More »

EFG Asset Management (EFGAM) launches New Capital US Future Leaders Fund following the formation of its Future Leaders Panel earlier this year


The US equity fund is designed to capture the rapid growth of emerging companies that are benefiting from the economic transformation brought about by disruptive business models in the US. The Fund is a high conviction, long-only equity fund that will typically invest in 30 companies across the mid-cap space.… Read More »

Eni addresses its Norwegian value at risk


Eni Norge and Point Resources to merge into independent Norwegian E&PEni and private equity investor HitecVision announced today that Eni Norge and Point Resources are merging to form Vår Energi AS (Eni 69.6%, HitecVision 30.4%). The combined company will have a portfolio of 17 producing oil and gas fields with… Read More »

Carboneum Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Goes Live


The Carboneum crowdsale is officially live and the Carboneum token (C8) is now available for purchase. The funds generated by the ICO will be used to construct a protocol for a democratized social trading platform called CoinRadars. This will enable would-be cryptocurrency investors to follow the lead of experienced, successful… Read More »

The front-end of the US Treasuries curve: short and sweet?

Wolfgang Bauer -

With the notable exception of the upcoming royal wedding, it would be pretty difficult to find a topic that is currently more over-analysed than the flattening of the US Treasury yield curve. One aspect that has arguably not received enough attention in the ongoing debate is the way the curve… Read More »

ETF Market Flows Analysis Europe and World


The global ETF market rebounded in April, with 31.6 billion euros of inflows. Investors were first and foremost drawn by bonds (+16.5 billion euros). Equity ETF inflows totalled 11.3 billion euros. The European market continued its slowdown, ending the month with less than 700 million euros of inflows (+679 million).… Read More »